Confronting Ethical Issues in Business to Build a Stronger Organization

Tackling tough ethical questions head-on offers many benefits beyond simply being compliant with certain requirements. When done right, addressing key ethical issues in business communicates organizational integrity and begins to draw the right people to your business. In our new economy, key networks of suppliers, customers and stakeholders overlay any business’s organizational chart. Confronting ethical […]

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Modern business

Business Ethics Training for the New Economy

Technology has changed the nature of productivity, and business in general, so profoundly during the last generation or so that we refer to a “new economy” to describe the realities of business today. Despite these changes, ethical standards in business remain the same. The difference today is that the application of those ethical principles has […]

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multicultural babies

Same Sh*t, Different Day? Diversity Training in the Workplace

A long-term study conducted by a sociologist at the University of Arizona found that mandatory diversity training actually delivered counter-productive results: Women and ethnic minorities came to represent fewer and fewer managers after the mandatory training. So, does this mean it is altogether ineffective to train employees in issues of diversity in the workplace? We’ll […]

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the money plant

Ethics Training Will Absolutely Lead to a More Profitable Business

The question of profitability in ethical decision making has both staunch proponents and opponents. Many business people will adamantly say that their businesses thrive because of unwavering ethical principles. Their opponents are not as vocal, per se, but they will shoot you a sideways glance with an arched eyebrow. The problem with listening to either […]

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Corporate Ethics Training: Building an Enterprise-level Program

Creating, implementing and training even a small team in ethical responsibilities requires a great deal of work. Accomplishing the same at the enterprise level is more difficult by orders of magnitude. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin creating an ethics training program at the corporate level. Your Goals Ethics […]

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Gay Pride

Acknowledgement, Appreciation, Inclusion: LGBT in the Workplace

Recent years have seen a fairly incredible number of (long overdue) breakthroughs for LGBT rights: The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ declaring California’s Prop 8 to be unconstitutional, and former President Clinton’s public statements that DOMA should be repealed. Of course, there is much work yet to be […]

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Online Ethics Training Vs. Consultants: Addressing the Pros and Cons

It is common practice for businesses and organizations to enlist outside help when their respective staffs require training in business ethics. Technology presents us with a number of options today for solving certain organizational problems, and the growth of online ethics training programs reflects this change. These now stand alongside consultancies that specialize in the […]

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